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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Groups currently eligible for COVID-19 vaccination

Effective March 22, 2021 Click on linked titles for additional information from the Playbook.

  • Health Care Workforce (previously Tier One) including personnel who work in:

    • Hospitals

    • Long term care (includes residents)

    • Laboratories

    • Diagnostic imaging

    • Pharmacies

    • Medical/dental services

    • First responders (EMT/paramedics)

  • Nevadans 70 years and older

  • Nevadans 65-69 years

  • Nevadans 16-64 with underlying conditions, individuals with disabilities, and individuals who are experiencing homelessness

    • Note: The State of Nevada is partnering with retail pharmacies to provide vaccine to people in this group. Visit for more information on scheduling appointments.

  • Public Safety & Security

    • NV Dept. of Corrections staff

    • Law enforcement, public safety and national security

    • State and local emergency operations managers/staff

  • Frontline Community Support

    • Education (Pre-K & K-12) and childcare — public/private/charter school settings

    • Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) frontline educators, staff and students

    • Community support frontline staff (i.e. frontline workers who support food, shelter, court/legal services, social services, public utilities, and other necessities of life for needy groups and individuals)

    • Continuity of Governance (state and local)

    • Essential public transportation

    • Remaining essential public health workforce

    • Mortuary services

  • Frontline Supply Chain & Logistics

    • Agriculture and food processing

    • End-to-end essential goods supply chain (includes manufacturing, transport, distribution and sale of essential items)

    • Utilities and communications infrastructure

    • Nevada Department of Transportation and local emergency road personnel

    • Essential airport operations

    • Other essential transportation

  • Frontline Commerce & Service Industries

    • Food service and hospitality

    • Other subgroups in this category are not yet eligible.

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