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Introducing the HTCNV's 20-10-5 policy.

To Our Patients,


What a year it has been! We would like to thank all of you for being a patient of the HTCNV, and especially for your support and understanding as we have grown. With the establishment of the Reno office and our new permanent location in Las Vegas, we are poised to maximize our services to the bleeding disorder community and improve patients’ lives. We have recently received our pharmacy license which allows for even more direct service to our patient community.

As you may know, the HTCNV is the only federally designated Hemophilia Treatment Center in Nevada. Through participation in the federal 340B program, we are able to apply more funds to the bleeding disorder community than most other clinics. We pay for services not covered by private insurance, including labs, genetic testing, platelet aggregation studies, patient medical devices, physical therapy, orthopedic consults, a robust Charity Care program, patient travel, and many other services. Additionally, the HTCNV is able to offer Amicar at a nominal rate (currently $1.00 per bottle), compared to retail pricing which can reach thousands of dollars.

To serve as much of the community as possible, the HTCNV has been working diligently to contract with all available Nevada insurance companies. We have had many successes in this area, but have not yet reached an agreement with some payers, and we remain out-of-network with these insurance providers.

The HTCNV has been able to accommodate some patients through our Charity Care program, which is more inclusive than Medicaid standards. Unfortunately, not all of our patients can be accommodated through this program.

To address this circumstance, the HTCNV is introducing an updated payment policy for out-of-network patients which we feel will reduce the burden to our patients. Effective October 1, the following fees will apply to any out-of-network office visit:

Lab visit: $5

Infusion visit: $10

Office Visit: $20

Maximum per visit: $20

The HTCNV will no longer bill out-of-network insurances not contracted with us. This is intended to avoid the potential for higher out-of-pocket maximums, co-pays, co-insurance charges, and deductibles to our patients. These items can result in charges of $200-$300, compared to the $20 maximum per visit under this new policy.

As always, we aim to serve the bleeding disorder community in any way we can. If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to inquire into our Charity Care program, please call our office at 702-330-0555.

Thank you again for your trust and understanding.

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